Amor (Liubov Fadeeva)

Amor is the dancer, choreographer and teacher of Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, the winner of international festivals.
Liubov Fadeeva works as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in following styles: flamenco, Spanish folk dance (dances from Spain’s regions), classical Spanish dance.

Amor is the first teacher of Spanish dance in St. Petersburg, the discoverer of many dance genres and styles for the Russian audience. Her experience of teaching and work on stage counts more then 25 years.

She graduated from Saint Petersburg State University in 1997 (Faculty of Philology, as philologist-hispanist).

In 2000 Amor completed her graduate studies at the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy and became a choreographer. From 2000 to the present day Amor teaches Spanish dance at the Academy.

Also she studies from masters of Spanish dance in Spain: the choreographer of the National Ballet of Spain Martin Vargas, the living legend of flamenco and the founder of the department of flamenco at the University of Granada - Mariquilla, also famous Tatiana Garrido, Amor learns from them every year.

Long before that, in 1993 Amor founded the first in St. Petersburg children's ensemble of Spanish dance called «Salero», which was also the very first team of Spanish dance in the city, opening a new page in the history of dance styles in St. Petersburg. This ensemble existed for 14 years.

Amor became the first person in St. Petersburg who began to study, teach and develop authentic folk Spanish dance, studying all its variety. That is not only the popular flamenco, but also little known outside Spain folk dances of various regions and provinces of this country.
Insistent movement forward and pioneering, originality and artistic talent – all of this always make this dancer special and allow think ahead, be the first. In fact, all her projects are unique and give always something new, unknown yet to the public in Russia.

Amor is still involved with stage, scientific and educational activities, teaching the art of Spanish dance people of all ages, giving lectures about the culture of Spain and cultural events of various formats.

From 2007 for now Amor is the inspirer, choreographer and artistic director of the independent theatrical project, which unites actors and musicians.

In addition to dance Amor is also interested in creation of theatrical outfits, design and video shooting. Having such a wide range of interests, Amor works on her creative projects not only as a choreographer but also as an artist generally. For example many of the stage outfits in her performances were created by Amor themselves or by her ideas.

Amor performs regularly as a dancer with various creative teams by live music in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other russian cities.

Amor has several theater works, including performance which is the winner of the international festival - "Wedding on the river Sil". This persormance presented to the Russian audience for the first time Galician folk dances and music that exist in the north of Spain.

Due to her merits of promotion and study of Galician dance in may 2014 Amor (Liubov Fadeeva) has earned an unique opportunity to perform accompanied by the Royal Bagpipe Band who arrived from Spain to celebrate the anniversary of the Center for Galician Studies of St. Petersburg State University.

Amor believes that dance is "the highest of the arts, the greatest achievement of human creativity, where body and soul are truly the one."